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The neutroPhil

For those who are unfamiliar with physiology, a neutrophil is a white blood cell that resides in all of us.  It’s the first cell that responds to an injury, fighting off infection, and ingesting any foreign particle that comes into the bloodstream.  They’re like famished soldiers of your body who are relentless and perseverant.  While many of the neutrophils perform their duty in the conventional way by engulfing the invaders, others commit suicide and take the invading viruses with them.  These white blood cells are just altruistic in nature.  I liken myself to these neutrophils.  I’m persistent, self-less, have an insatiable appetite for food and a constant hunger for life. This photo journal is to display my neutrophilic habits through the things I am most passionate about in this world.  My family, friends, and girlfriend provide a foundation of love for me.  Medical school gives me a sense of purpose and drive to better myself and this world.  Food, photography, writing, poetry, music, sports, and fantasy football help fortify my happiness and centralizes my very being.  My name is Philip Vu. I’m twenty-something years old and this blog is a small juxtaposition of my life.

“Hi, I’m neutroPhil and I do work.  I’m also very hungry.”